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Our Team

The Concordia International Realty team includes experienced and knowledgeable real estate brokers who support you throughout the complex process of selling or buying a property. Each one of our brokers can advise you at each step of the process whether you are buying or selling a property, investing or negotiating to get the best price or concluding a transaction.



Amira Omer El Tagi
Chartered Real Estate Broker

Over the years, Mrs. El Tagi has gained valuable experience in management, sales and customer service. For more than eighteen years, she held various positions as Store Manager, District Manager and Human Resources Manager within different companies. She is part of our Montreal real estate agency since January 2004.


Mrs. El Tagi’s spouse and business partner, she is also the Manager and a team member of Concordia International Realty, she shows true professionalism and her priority is to meet clients’ needs in every way. She is very proud to offer outstanding service and she gives the utmost attention to all customers.

Mrs. El Tagi will help you conclude a profitable transaction and make sure you are completely satisfied. Whether clients are buying or selling a property, tthey greatly appreciate her extensive negotiation skills and attention to detail. Building on her administrative and organizational skills, she is continuously searching to improve and find new marketing strategies.

Having a passion for real estate and people, she is constantly looking for ways to give complete satisfaction to her clients whom she deals with in both languages, English and French.


Telephone :

E-mail: amira@immobilierconcordia.com



Ufemia Rizk
Affiliated Real Estate Broker

Mrs. Rizk is part of our Montreal real estate agency since 1998. Our colleague is an artist who studied at the American University in Beirut, at the Université Paris-Sorbonne and the Fahrelnissa Zeid Royal Institute of Fine Arts. She also took courses at Dawson College in sculpture design, picture processing by computer, printing technology, graphic design and Web page design.
Mrs. Rizk’s art is based on creating an inner world in order to penetrate the universe’s mysteries. In her paintings, she explores for the most part geometric abstractions wishing to capture and express a fascinating vision of cosmic forces. Her artworks are featured in exhibits and they are part of private collections around the world.

She has received various awards and distinctions in France and Japan, such as the Medal of the Salon de Paris’ 3rd International Festival, the Oscar and Gold Medal at the World Biennial of Modern Art in Osaka, the Gold Medal for French Merit in Lyon as well as five other gold medals.

Not only does she have a passion for art, but she is a valuable asset to the Concordia International Realty team as she is dedicated to the art of customer service and negotiation.


Telephone :
Cell Phone : 

E-mail: ufemia@immobilierconcordia.com



Maha El Keshawi
Affiliated Real Estate Broker

Mrs. El Keshawi really likes to work with people. There is no career that can help her express her passion as real estate because she likes to do business with people. She has been part of our Montreal and Brossard real estate agency since 2005.

As a member of the Concordia International Realty team, she is there to support her clients at every stage of the process leading to successfully sell or buy a property. She negotiates in their favour to get the best value when it is time to sell their property.

Mrs. El Keshawi speaks several languages such as English, French and Arabic. She has a successful career. She enjoys life at the fullest. She is known for her pleasant personality and her can-do attitude.

A self-motivated professional with a sound judgment, she keeps a positive attitude in any circumstances. A great number of clients have already invested their trust in her. Her main goal is to get the best results possible. She will be more than pleased to help you open the door to your new home !


Telephone :
Cell Phone : 

E-mail: maha@immobilierconcordia.com




Michel Bensmihen
Real Estate Broker
Commercial, Investment, Office & Retail Leasing

Michel Bensmihen holds a bachelor degree in electronics and has completed with success McGill University management program courses in finance, appraisal and real estate law. He obtained his broker’s license in 1976 and joined Royal Trust selling residential properties in Westmount.

For the past thirty years, joining Cushman & Wakefield, he has specialized in investment properties such as shopping malls, multi-unit apartment buildings, office buildings, hotels and development land sites.


Among some of his major mandates, he has represented Irving Oil, Firestone/Bridgestone, London Life, Bank of America, Marathon, Confederation Life, Mutual Life, Industrial Life, Accor Hotels and Concordia University.


Telephone :
Cell Phone : 

Email : michel@immobilierconcordia.com